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Troscan Design & Furnishings
Troscan Design & Furnishings Troscan Design & Furnishings

limited-edition pieces, signed by its maker.

Troscan Design & Furnishings - A husband-and-wife team, the partners bring individual strengths to the design process. With her keen creative eye and architectural background, Deirdre establishes the holistic vision—from furniture line to manufacturing process. Trained as master woodworker and luthier, Bob's deep material knowledge and intense precision enhances and informs their craft.

Deirdre and Bob view their work as an ongoing effort to bring authenticity to design and honesty to materials. Whether it is a jagged steel line left by a torch welder or the luster of hand-burnished lacquer, each Troscan piece demonstrates the intimate relationship between designing and making.

Elemental materials such as wood, stone, steel, and bronze and clay are carefully honed to reveal their innate strengths and natural beauty. Bob and Deirdre also seek inspiration outside their field—often partnering with rural makers or incorporating innovations from fields such as boat building and fine arts—to achieve their goals.

Troscan Design & Furnishings are a small, privately owned American manufacturer who proudly sources U.S. labor to create heirloom furniture with environmental integrity and enduring value.

Troscan incorporates materials into a manufacturing process where little goes to waste. In addition, they are on a constant search for sustainable sources. Harvesting urban and forestry windfall, for example, not only repurposes otherwise wasted and discarded resources, but also allows them to offer rare and unique materials in their designs.

Troscan adheres to all government environmental standards and are always exploring alternative strategies for reducing waste and energy usage in their manufacturing and business model in areas such as transportation, recycling and repurposing packaging.