Jose Pablo Arriaga

Jose Pablo Arriaga
Jose Pablo Arriaga

Bespoke Contemporary Furniture & Unique Natural Sculptures

Jose Pablo Arriaga’s line of work is marked by contemporary norms which connect art and nature, and according to which each artist has to work in a particular way, expressing his or her art along with a concept and feeling about natural things, bringing his or her own experience to nature itself.

Young art's return to natural things has been brought on by contemporary life's own conditions. In the words of Marshall McLuhan, “the most important perception created by the 21st century is that man is not designed to live at the speed of light.

The new means of communication connected with visual perception will create a type of implosion in the human being if humans do not use the counterbalance of natural and physical laws”.

So in his wood sculptures Jose Pablo Arriaga includes autobiographical details, particularly details from his adventurous sailing journeys. For example, when he travelled in a yacht from Lekeitio to Senegal in 2005, which is where he was shipwrecked, he used that yacht's luff to build a monument titled "Markina-Senegal", which he installed on Yoff island (Dakar).

Another example is his sculpture "Theresse", built in memory of a girl who died on a boat journey on the river Kasai (Congo).


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